Brief History of Rhinoplasty

If we ignore nasal reconstruction, which has been recorded for approximately 600 years BC , the modern age of rhinoplasty begins at the end of the 19th century. The North American otorhinolaryngologist John Orlando Roe published in 1887 what is supposed to be the first publication on Rhinoplasty and in 1891 his technique of reduction of the nasal dorsum through intranasal incisions. He was also the first to use preoperative and postoperative photographs and to emphasize work on the tip of the nose. Until then (according to the techniques of Dr.Dieffenbach and Dr. von Graeffe) the approach to the nose had always been performed through external incisions in the nasal skin that left the corresponding scars.

However, it is the German doctor Jaques Joseph who popularizes, refines and publishes numerous studies on Rhinoplasty by external route and also by endonasal route and intercartilaginous approach. The vast majority of instruments currently used in rhinoplasty were developed by him, his first major treatise on rhinoplastydates from 1907 and his most important work, in two volumes, from 1928-29. He is considered by all of us as the father of modern rhinoplasty.

The dissemination in North America of Joseph’s work was made by dres. Safian and Aufrich through their publications and books.

Around 1934, the Hungarian physician Emil Rethi published his experience in nasal tip reduction using traditional endonasal incisions joined through the columella by a skin incision. These are the beginnings of open or external rhinoplasty. In 1957, A. Sercer promoted what he called “decortication of the nose” ( Dekortication des Nase ), a technique that was based on the use of a columellar incision to expose the entire nose and that allowed access to all nasal structures and to the nasal septum (septum).

Regarding functional corrections, Dr. Killian (a student of Dr. Joseph) must be named for his description around 1904 of submucosalseptoplasty and Dr.Cottle for being one of the first to establish the principles of rhinoseptoplasty in 1958.